Thursday, November 21, 2013

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it...

The tabloid is in progress. I will keep you posted on it. Any news stories or information you want to include (Fake Horoscopes, anyone?) should be uploaded to the class Google account.

Katy and Sophia are working on the presentation for January 10. Make sure they have your photo choices. Also make sure you have written what you or another student will say about your essay.
Finally, remember to print your ten favorite images. I will be posting them in the hallways with a paragraph that you write about your experience.

In the meantime, we are moving on to Illustrator. You have already seen how fun it is! I will continue to add tools/tips during class. You are working on creating a publicity poster for the upcoming school concert.

Happy Thanksgiving - Please know how grateful I am to have such an incredibly engaged, kind, respectful group of students.

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