Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week of 9/31 - 10/4

You have completed several Photoshop projects, and are getting the hang of how the tools work. Once you have completed your Photo Rearrangement project (using a gradient,) you will create a photomosaic using Davis Academy images. I am uncertain how long this will take, so we will find out together!

We need to evaluate, and also examine as online portfolios. As you complete your mosaic, I will ask you to create a account and upload your projects. Please let me know your thoughts on Educlipper. What's hard about it? What's confusing? What do you wish it would do?

I have noticed that although you are all entered as being "in the class" on Educlipper, I cannot see your work, and you cannot upload to the class site. Seems a bit pointless, but maybe I'm missing something.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week of 9/23

HOORAY!!! The Field Trip is on! I'll keep you posted as we get a firm date. It will be the last week in October, rain or shine.

Those of you finishing up the Wanted Posters will move on to the Photo Rearrangement project which I will explain in detail on Monday. You will need to use a gradient and a filter (which I have not yet shown you) to do this. If your Wanted Poster is not finished, keep working on it.

We also will be looking at some other portfolio sites, as Educlipper may or may not make us happy. I may ask some of you to try a different site so we can compare what works best for you.

You are such a fun group to teach - you are quick learners, willing to have fun and try new things. Keep up the fabulous efforts! You make me look forward to Block 2 every day!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week of 9/16 SUKKOT

You all have intuitively begun to understand the power of Photoshop. "How do I...?" is a refrain that means you are ready for more complexity. You got it! Once your Wanted Poster is complete, you will be tasked with a project that combines what you have learned thus far - layers, selecting, copying, pasting, changing colors - with new knowledge - gradients and filters. You will also need to combine your knowledge of composition with these concepts to create an image called Photo Rearrangement. You will combine two seemingly contrasting photographs into a patterned mosaic. One layer must demonstrate gradient use, another layer must demonstrate filter use.

You will also be creating your own Portfolio on I will show you the program in class, and you will begin uploading your class products to this site. If you want to take a look at this program before next week, follow this link: educlipper.  If you choose to create your school account before I discuss it in class, PLEASE use your school id and password.

Day 1: If you have not printed out your Mutated Animal, please do so.
            Use a photo of a faculty member to create your Wanted Poster.

Day 2: I will explain educlipper at the beginning of class. When you finish your Wanted Poster, begin customizing your portfolio and uploading your projects (Prezi, biography, Mutated Animal, Wanted Poster) to the site.

Day 3: How to create gradients and use filters. Introduction of Photo Rearrangement project.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Plan B...

One of the wonderful things about a project based class is the ability to change directions if a wonderful idea presents itself. I will be moving the Wanted Posters to occur after you complete an "official" version of a Mutated Animal. The images you have been creating while practicing using layers and tools have been quite...interesting. Let's make an encyclopedia of these hilarious creatures. We'll upload the images into a slideshow for the blog.

I also want each of you to send me the link to your Prezi so we can post these online for all to review. DON'T FORGET TO PRINT OUT YOUR BIOGRAPHY! I want these by Friday, please.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week of 9/9

Due to illnesses we are fitting in the presentations when we can. Once everyone is back, we'll decide when the test will be. In the meantime, we will begin learning about Photoshop, as several of you may be interested in using it for your series of ten images in the style of the artist you studied.

Look to the right and you will see two videos that we will watch in class. Feel free to watch any others that interest you - both Adobe TV and have many excellent tutorials. has free videos - no need to sign up and pay for watching. I cannot guarantee the tutorials on YouTube. I know that Adobe TV is a valid source.

Let's have some fun!!

Day 1: Presentations (at least one...Judah or Miles?)
            Understanding layers

Day 2: Presentations (at least one)
            Text, colors
            Introduction of  first project - Wanted Posters

Day 3: Wanted Posters Continued

Day 4: Wanted Posters Continued