Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week of 9/23

HOORAY!!! The Field Trip is on! I'll keep you posted as we get a firm date. It will be the last week in October, rain or shine.

Those of you finishing up the Wanted Posters will move on to the Photo Rearrangement project which I will explain in detail on Monday. You will need to use a gradient and a filter (which I have not yet shown you) to do this. If your Wanted Poster is not finished, keep working on it.

We also will be looking at some other portfolio sites, as Educlipper may or may not make us happy. I may ask some of you to try a different site so we can compare what works best for you.

You are such a fun group to teach - you are quick learners, willing to have fun and try new things. Keep up the fabulous efforts! You make me look forward to Block 2 every day!

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