Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week of 8/12-8/16

Digital Studio is a blast! Just ask our returning 8th graders who have completed the first course, and will be working on more advanced independent projects this year. We begin the understanding of the history of computer imaging by taking a look at how it all began - photography born out of the Industrial Revolution.

Day 1: Acceptable technology usage
            Syllabus (of course...)
            Where and why did photography originate?

            Create a blog for yourself that you will be using throughout the year. You may use Weebly,
            Edublogs, Blogger, or any other blog platform that I approve.

Day 2: Create a nature print using specially-coated papers.
            Capture an image, load to a computer, and enlarge to see pixellation.
             ADV: The power of photojournalism, how an image tells a story.

Day 3:  Vocabulary of photography and composition

              ADV:  Portrait of an object, composition

Day 4: Camera "Scavenger Hunt" - understanding how to use a digital camera.

              ADV: Series of 10 related images that produce a storyline


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